20 Apr 2021


BEFORE & AFTER Belzona Composite Structural Repair.


Exposure to seawater is one of the challenges or problems faced by offshore’s companies. This situation always leads to another problem such as corrosion on the structure of the buildings or any steel materials. It is a very critical situation that causes an unsafe structure that will affect production and pose dangers to personnel. 


In this project, the corrosion caused by the seawater makes the paint on the metal structure start to peel off and some cause damage to the structure itself. The structure appears visibility rusty and eroded. It requires urgent repairs and delays in repairing the structure will affect activities, production and work on the platform. 


From our inspection our team has found out that there are five (5) components of the fan structure that need to be fixed:




Based on the structure, our engineering team confirmed that there are two methods of repair that can be used in fixing the damaged structure. The first method is called ‘Laminate Super Wrap 2’ and the second method is ‘Patch Super Wrap 2 Plate’. The method of repair for each structure is determined by the severity of the corrosion or the initial structure’s condition.


We classified this job as ‘easy-medium’ due to our experience in executing this kind of job in our previous project successfully, thanks to all our skilled and well-trained Belzona applicator. However, our team still faced some challenges during this project and one of them is that our crews are only allowed to use hand tools to do the surface preparation on the structures. It requires a lot of time and energy as the surface preparation needs to be done correctly in order to meet the desired surface profile.




The inspection by the Engineering & Operation teams found out that all the structures that require immediate mitigation. With our experience and structural engineering knowledge, we have come out with a few methods of composite repair. Composite materials that have been used in this project are Belzona 1111 and Belzona Superwrap 2.











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