Professional Applicator

Apart from providing a satisfactory service and customer experience, our  Professional Applicators promises the best quality and workmanship. Each of our Professional Applicator are equipped with extensive work experiences in multitude of industries which includes marines, oil and gas, petrochemical, powerplant, water and wastewater treatment and many more. They are also backed with professional certification related to repairing & maintenance work on onshore and also offshore.


We ensure that our professional applicators from the technician level to the project supervisor/coordinator master the basics of using and handling Belzona products to ensure a smooth and satisfactory work process. Several tests and examinations are done to choose the best applicator for our company. Not only that, we also ensure that our applicator is able to answer questions posed by customers inside or outside the site.

The quality of work and exceptional customer service are our top priorities. We promise the best and optimal work quality and workmanship. Our applicants are also always on hand if there is an urgent or emergency work call that requires their services on site. Not to forget the work SOP and safety guidelines that are always adhered to during working hours to ensure a safe working environment for all.