Coating System

Pipes, vessels, tanks and other equipment can suffer from internal and external erosion and corrosion as well as environmental attack which can compromise their performance and integrity. This damage often leads to thin-wall or even through-wall defects. Cold-applied, composite repairs strengthen equipment and solve the problem for the long term, using a 100% solids polymeric solution, which requires no hot work. They are applied in-situ minimising costly downtime.

Belzona specialises in delivering engineered composite wrap and cold bonding systems for repair and new build situations, which vary in size and complexity. We address such issues as:

  • External and internal corrosion
  • Live leaks and through-wall defects
  • Deterioration of large metal structures, such as decks, tanks, roofs and floors
  • Damage to complex geometries in vessels and pipework, including bends, tees and flanges
  • Weakening of equipment foundations to support and maintain precise alignment under machinery



Belzona has been supplying composite solutions to various industries for over six decades. Years of research, development and customer feedback have resulted in systems that are unique and bespoke, which offer solutions in areas where:

  • Operating temperatures and pressures are elevated
  • Aggressive acids and alkalis are stored or processed
  • Water, oil and other contamination is present
  • Erosion and abrasion occur externally or internally