Vessel Coating

Introduction to Vessels Coating

Pipework and vessels that operate at high temperatures are commonly insulated to prevent heat and energy loss as well as for health and safety reasons. The problem of Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) can occur on carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron as a result of water ingress into and saturation of thermal insulation on pipework and vessels leading to rapid corrosion. Typical CUI problems include rapid surface corrosion and pitting leading to thin-wall defects and eventual failure.

Process vessels operating at elevated temperatures and pressures represent one of the most arduous service environments and major challenges for the asset owners and operators. These vessels, and in particular those involved in the separation of oil/water and gas as it enters the process stream, are constantly subjected to a wide variety of aggressive conditions which can ultimately lead to severe internal corrosion.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Cost Effectiveness

  • One of the key features of Belzona solutions for process vessels is their proven ability to reduce operating, maintenance and replacement costs. When compared with corrosion resistant alloys, Belzona's diverse range of solutions prove to be very cost-effective.

2. Ease of Use & Safety

  • Belzona materials are solvent-free and cure at ambient temperature, eliminating the need for hot work, and have been designed to be easy and safe in use.
  • Thanks to their cold-applied and fast-curing properties, Belzona solutions for process vessels simplify maintenance procedures, eliminate dangerous hot work and extend asset life and inspection periods.
  • Spray-applied solutions ensure minimum downtime and increase the life of your asset, thereby significantly reducing operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

3. Durability

  • Belzona materials are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and heat, and in addition provide outstanding erosion resistance. They also demonstrate excellent resistance to explosive decompression and have tenacious adhesion to a variety of substrates.