Erosion-Corrosion Resistant Coating for Immersed Conditions

Belzona 1331 - Erosion-Corrosion Resistant Coating for Immersed Conditions.


Belzona 1331 is a two-component coating system for erosion and corrosion protection of equipment operating under continuous immersion, up to 50°C (122°F).

This next-generation coating offers excellent erosion resistance whilst benefitting from being spray-friendly. Having a 24-hours overcoating window, the two-coat system allows for large applications to be quickly completed, reducing downtime. Available in grey and white, Belzona 1331 is easily mixed and applied at ambient temperatures.

Due to its capability for high film build in a single coat without sagging and superior erosion resistance, Belzona 1331 is ideally suited to be used as an epoxy pipe lining for protection of girth welds on internal field joints. This new generation spray-applied filler-free coating provides the robust protection of a ceramic coating without causing wear or damage to spray equipment.


Key Benefits:

  • Outstanding erosion and corrosion resistance under immersed conditions.
  • Rapid application by airless spray without wear to spray equipment; can also be brush-applied where required.
  • Allows for one or two coat application with 24 hours overcoat window.
  • Capable of high-build application (> 1250 microns) in a single coat without sagging.
  • Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance.
  • Excellent flexibility, toughness and impact resistance.
  • Outstanding chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals.
  • Available in light colours to aid visibility in dark vessels during application and inspection.
  • Application and cure at room temperature - no hot work involved.
  • Reduced health and safety risks as it is solvent-free.
  • Excellent adhesion to most metal surfaces including carbon steel, stainless steel and specialist steels.

Application Areas:


  • Erosion and corrosion resistant coating for process vessels, separators, pumps, heat exchangers and condensers operating under immersion.
  • Epoxy pipe lining for protection of girth welds on internal field joints.
  • Repair of worn and damaged chutes and hoppers.
  • Long-term corrosion protection of scrubber units.
  • Erosion resistant coating for leading edge protection on wind turbine blades.


Pump impeller coated for erosion and corrosion protection.

Condenser tubesheet repaired using Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) to restore metal loss and coated with Belzona 1331.

Pump casing protected from erosion and corrosion.



Mixing Belzona 1331 by volume.

Spray coating application demonstration.